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Log Doctor - we built our own log home many years ago and used CWF on the outside of the logs. I have been reading your responses to the questions regarding CWF and you appear to "bash" the product. Thought you may interested in knowing that we are quite happy with the product, it has done a wonderful job for years for us ! You do not really give details as to why "you are not a fan of the procuct", so I am not sure what you feel the problems are? At any rate, we are presently looking to do


Itcauses the log to turn black from mold over time. I know you are seeing this if you have been useing it that long.

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Posted By Susan Robling
We used CWF for 18 years and it is a horrible product! We just spent a lot of money having our log siding professionally stripped and sanded to bare wood because the CWF turned completely black and had bubbles and peeling. The contractor said it was the worst case he had seen. We are just waiting for our logs to dry to apply Lifeline Ultra 2 Perma Chink. How long should we wait to apply the new stain? Also we are considering not applying the satin top coat to it because we do not want any shine, what are your thoughts on not applying it over the stain?