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I have just purchased a log home and am learing as I go. The experior and interior caulk is latex based and I have read that this is the wrong caulk to use. Should I replace it or should I just caulk over it with the appropriate materials. If I have to remove the latex caulk, are there any tools or techinques to use.




Latex caulk is all that you should ever use on yourlog home. Almost every product made todayfor log homes is a latex based product. Never use silicone. Call Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987 and they can help you with all your product needs.

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Posted By Letty Butcher
I recently acquired a 25 yr. old New England hand peeled log home. I believe the company is no longer in business so I can't go to them for help. The cabin is infested with literally thousands of lady bugs which makes living there impossible. I believe that spikes, foam stripping and maybe splines were used in constructing the cabin. I am thinking that it may be best if I sealed between the logs from the inside. I have not seen any light coming between the logs or water stains ( however, I haven't gotten up to cathedral celing level yet) but I have felt cold air in places. Because these round logs are so irregular with spaces between the logs varying between very small to wide along the length of the same log, I am at a loss how to caulk them. A strip of foam weather stripping of the same width would not work in my situation. I thought maybe I could find black foam batting material in sheets and cut widths to suit myself . I thought the black color would be less noticeable from the inside as opposed to pink insulation. Does any of this sound possible and if so, where would I get such black foam sheeting?
Posted By tom newcomer
What is wrong with using silicone caulk?
Posted By John Bringer
We have a vertically constructed white cedar log cabin and have no experience in caring for the exterior. we would like to seal and stain it.
what would be safe?